Traditional Cooking Recipe Contest

We're in search of great recipes inspired by Dr. Weston A. Price.  Share your knowledge by sharing your favorite traditional recipe.  The winner will receive a $150 US Wellness Meats gift certificate.  Be creative with your entry!  Recipes can be for anything, not just a main dish, such as our recent post on Homemade Lacto-Fermented Mayonnaise.

We're looking for recipes including some of the following:

  • Nutrient-dense foods, such as marrow bone broth
  • Traditional fats, such as tallow and butter
  • At least one US Wellness Meats product
  • Sprouted, soaked, or fermented grains, nuts, and seeds
  • Fermented products

What we don't want:

  • Artificial sweeteners, refined sugar, or corn syrup
  • Refined or hydrogenated vegetable oils
  • Reduced fat products (we love the fat)
  • Preservatives
  • Processed junk!

Contest Rules:

All entries must be original and contain at least one US Wellness Meats product. (can be ANY product, not just meat)

All entries must be received by midnight CST on November 18th.  The winner will be notified via email on November 20th.

We reserve the right to use submitted recipes on our website and in future publications with or without entrants full first name and last name initial.

By entering, you agree to receive our informative weekly email newsletter.

Winner must be in the USA (any of the 50 wonderful states) or Puerto Rico.

Recipes will be judged on the ingredients used, originality, and the incorporation of traditional methods.  Entries with a photo get extra credit!  Please email photo to