Grass-fed Beef Recipe

BBQ Brisket

Barbara’s Simple Brisket


1 4-5lb brisket
Barbecue sauce, enough for marinating

Spread (make enough to cover):
Blackstrap molasses
Fig Spread

Serves 8


Marinate a full brisket (5 LB) overnite or for a day in your favorite barbecue sauce. Then bake it, covered, at 325 for 1 hr per pound. The next day or when ready to cook, uncover it, spread it with blackstrap molasses, honey and some fig spread. Recook at 225 for 2-3 hrs.

This can be cut into slices and served. With leftovers, shred the meat and serve it on large buns. It’s absolutely delicious.

This recipe courtesy of Barbara Duchon.