U.S. Wellness Meats Cut Descriptions & Recipes

At U.S. Wellness Meats, we believe in providing our customers with the highest quality products and information. We want you to know which cut of beef, lamb, rabbit, gourmet pork, chicken or seafood will best suit your needs and how to best prepare and cook our grass-fed meats.

Below are descriptions of each cut of Grass-fed Beef. Clicking the “Find this item in our store” link under each cut photo will search our product database for packages containing that cut. You may also click a link above to view information on other meat products we offer.


Grass-fed Beef
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Beef Bacon

Great bacon flavor in tune with omega 3’s and CLA for breakfast, lunch, or dinner without sodium nitrite!! Sliced for your convenience. U.S. Wellness has received some great feedback on beef bacon. Try some today.

Bottom Round Roast

Baking oven, crockpot or Flavorwave oven bag will produce a flavorful roast from the bottom round muscle. One of our family’s favorites.


U.S. Wellness Meats whole briskets have been a great hit with brisket connoisseurs for their flavor. Slow baking, crockpot or Flavorwave oven bag recipes have been most popular.

The brisket is located in the lower neck region between the front legs.

Burger Patties 87% Lean

For those in a hurry...we have 6 oz. patties selections awaiting your grill, stove top, George Foreman or Flavorwave oven.

You will be rewarded in fast fashion with the great taste of grass-fed patties.

Burger Patties 75% Lean

Looking for maximum intake of CLA and omega 3’s? Place Grassland prepared patties on your grill, stove top, George Foreman or Flavorwave grill rack.

Prepared patties cook much faster than hand made...be vigilant for timely preparation exit.

Center Cut Shoulder Roast

The shoulder clod muscle yields a versatile cut that can be grilled or Flavorwave ovened as a steak.

It may also be prepared in the oven, crockpot or Flavorwave oven bag as a super roast.

Chuck Roast

One of the chuck eye roll’s treasures...our very popular chuck roast is eagerly awaiting your oven, crockpot or Flavorwave oven bag.

Delmonico Steak

Delmonico steak restocked at 14 ounces versus the original 12 ounce steak. The term Delmonico originated from the famous 1800’s Delmonico Restaurant in Manhattan.

The Delmonico featured by U.S. Wellness originates from the shortloin sub-primal near the rib end. This particular muscle area will produce a very tender steak. Fire up your grill and enjoy an 1800’s culinary delight.

Eye of Round Roast

Only four per animal, but what a treat. The eye of round muscle is one of the least used and most tender.

Save for special occasions and prepare in either the oven, crockpot or Flavorwave oven bag.

Flank Steak

One of our best kept secrets. This flank comes plain and is awaiting your favorite marinade.

Flanks are lean and prepare rapidly on the stove top, grill or Flavorwave grill rack.

Flat Iron Steak

Four 8.5 ounce Flat iron steaks are a very affordable alternative for great grilling. Enjoy the great taste and flavor, even better after marinating , from one of the chuck primals best kept secrets.

Beef Garlic Franks

Nitrite & nitrate free and msg free beef franks with added garlic for added flavor in our great tasting franks. Sugar content is low at 0.45 gram per 93 gram frank.

With ‘mad cow’ in the news you can relax with grass-fed franks. 6 franks per package.

Ground Beef 87% Lean

For those preferring great tasting leaner cuisine, you will find it with our 87% bulk product.

We have packaged some of our bulk burger in super safe cryovac vacuum packaging. One trade off for superior food safety is a duller red color.

Ground Beef 75% Lean

Looking for the highest concentration of CLA and omega 3’s? You have found it and will be rewarded with great taste.

We have packaged some of our bulk burger in super safe cryovac vacuum packaging. One trade off for superior food safety is a duller red color.

Hanger Steak

Long requested hanger steaks have finally arrived. Each hanger steak averages 1.35 pounds each. This East coast delicacy is now available coast to coast in North America.

Italian Beef Sausage

All natural sugar free Italian Beef Sausage made from 100% beef is finally available after numerous requests.

Our sausage maker has 50 years of experience in the trade with his natural preservative free recipe. We think you will agree that the four 1/4 pound sausages have a wonderful flavor.

Beef Heart

One of our 80 years young customers tells us that organic beef heart is a most vital health addition to the human diet.

Beef Kidney

Beef kidney from grazing cattle. If you like our lamb kidneys, beef kidney should be very similar.

Beef Liver

Enjoy the wonderful medicinal properties of grass-fed liver. It is a struggle to keep up with demand for lean clean grass-fed liver that is awaiting your stove top skillet!

London Broil

Our leanest cut is derived from the inside round muscle. Full of protein it has become popular with athletes in training.

Your favorite marinade is a pre-cursor for preparation on either the grill, crockpot or Flavorwave grill rack.
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