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The Bacon Bowl


While I have a cast iron muffin pan – vintage Wagner, thankyouverymuch – the cups are just a little too close together to wedge bacon betwixt them. So, I turned a small glass oven-safe dish upside-down and wrapped it in 3 strips of bacon, and secured the bacon with a bit of my Regency Natural cooking twine. I placed the inverted bacon-wrapped bowl inside a larger glass dish to catch drippings.

I placed a cookie sheet in the rack above the bacon dishes to catch popping grease, and baked the whole deal at 400 degrees for around 30 minutes (timing will vary based on bacon thickness and your desired done-ness, so check frequently).

Voilà. Upon cooling, you get a bacon bowl! (And a dish full of bacon drippings that’s fabulous for roasting veggies.)

I served a mix of roasted brussels sprouts and sweet potato in the bacon bowl. Delicious!

This bacon bowl is fairly large, but this could easily be made with smaller bowls or small muffin tins to create perfect appetizer bacon bowls.


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