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Not-Fast-Food Chicken Tenders

Ronita Pitts


2 Pkgs. Chicken Breasts
2 beaten Brown Eggs
1 C. flour*
1 C. tortilla mix
2 C cooking oil


Slice breasts, and sift dry ingredients. Bathe in egg, roll in flour mixture, and fry until golden brown. Drain, garnish with fresh sage. Serve with green beans and potato wedges.

* can substitute wheat flour

Ronita Pitts Kabobs

Beef and Veggie Kabobs


2 pkgs. Kabob meat
4 medium yellow squash
2 medium zucchini
2 bell pepper
1 large onion


Dice veggies, and season Meat. Arrange on kabob skewers, alternating ingredients. Grill. Brush with olive oil before serving. Serve with grilled whole garlic and potato salad.