U.S. Wellness Meats Cut Descriptions & Recipes

At U.S. Wellness Meats, we believe in providing our customers with the highest quality products and information. We want you to know which cut of beef, lamb, rabbit, pork, chicken or seafood will best suit your needs and how to best prepare and cook our grass-fed meats.

Below are descriptions of each cut of Grass-fed Beef. Clicking the “Find this item in our store” link under each cut photo will search our product database for packages containing that cut. You may also click a link above to view information on other meat products we offer.


Featured Recipes

Pan Seared Smoky Steak and Eggs


After being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in college, Caroline took matters into her own hands, researching everything about nutrition and eventually started eating grain free. Caroline’s love for cooking and creativity lead her to start her blog, Colorful Eats to inspire others that food can be healthy and joyful at the same time.

Her health challenges gave her a passion for grain free cooking and food photography. Caroline and her husband live in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and love spending their weekends grilling together or at the beach with their golden retriever.

Balsamic Ginger Steak Salad


A year after going Paleo, Vanessa started the blog Plaid and Paleo to simply stay accountable to eating healthy. It has grown into a full blown passion, where Vanessa posts new recipes multiple times a week. As a self-taught cook, she focuses on sharing easy recipes anyone can make!

She is a lover of all things food especially unique combinations and anything ethnic. When she isn’t in the kitchen, you can find Vanessa reading a book, cheering on the KU Jayhawks or talking about how she should probably be at a yoga class.

All Spice Oxtail Soup

Caitlin and Nabil

Caitlin Weeks is a certified nutrition consultant who runs the wellness blog: Grass Fed Girl. Caitlin spent years as personal trainer doing endurance exercise and eating diet food but in 2010 she was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and looked for natural methods to heal. She went to nutrition school and started her health blog while beginning to follow a Paleo diet.

Nabil came to the USA from North Africa in 2004 bringing his love of food and his traditional recipes. He went to culinary school and worked for various mentors until landing a job at a 5 star international hotel in downtown San Francisco. Nabil went Paleo in 2011 to support his wife on her journey and noticed improvements in energy and focus.

Caitlin wanted to cook Nabil’s mother’s authentic Algerian recipes to make him feel at home, so they worked together to adapt them to fit Paleo guidelines. New York Times bestselling author and good friend of the couple Diane Sanfilippo loved their food so much that she collaborated with them on their new book: Mediterranean Paleo Cooking.

It took two years to bring this book to fruition and was a labor of love for all involved. The recipes are perfect for anyone who loves eating fresh, real, whole food with unique flavor profiles.

The 432 page tome incudes authentic recipes with modifications for special dietary restrictions including: egg free, nut free, autoimmune protocol (AIP), GAPS/ SCD and lower carb so it will can be appeal to even people who are not strict Paleo. Mediterranean Paleo Cooking will take your palate on a vacation with pizza, pasta, falafel, pitas and a healthy dose of traditional tajines over cauliflower couscous.

Rabbit and Wild Mushroom Stew

Simone Shifnadel

Sarah Ballantyne, Ph.D. (a.k.a. The Paleo Mom) is the blogger behind the award-winning www.ThePaleoMom.com; cohost of the syndicated top-rated The Paleo View Podcast; and author of critically-acclaimed with New York Times Bestseller The Paleo Approach and brand-new The Paleo Approach Cookbook.

Sarah earned her doctorate degree in medical biophysics at the age of 26. She spent the next four years doing research on innate immunity and inflammation before becoming a stay-at-home mom. After her second daughter was born, she began to experiment with the Paleo lifestyle. It had an amazing effect on her health, including contributing to her 120-pound weight loss! Over time, she healed herself of a long laundry list of physical complaints including: Irritable Bowel Syndrome, acid reflux, migraines, anxiety, asthma, allergies, psoriasis and an autoimmune skin condition called lichen planus. Sarah successfully transitioned her originally skeptic husband and two spirited young daughters to a paleo diet and lifestyle. Her passion for providing straightforward explanations of the science behind the paleo diet and its modifications, plus her love of food and cooking and her dedication to her family form the foundations of her blog, her podcast and her books. You can also find Sarah on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Braised Crispy Duck Legs with Melted Shallots and Roasted Plums

Simone Shifnadel

Simone Shifnadel is the owner of Zenbelly, a 100% gluten-free, Paleo-focused catering company in San Francisco. Her own serious sensitivity to gluten inspired Simone to prove that gluten-free, Paleo cuisine can be gourmet, refined, and artfully presented. She firmly believes that healthy food can be delicious enough to impress the most serious gourmand, and she offers a chef’s perspective on Paleo recipes on her blog, zenbellyblog.com, where she also shares grain-free recipes and encourages readers to roll up their sleeves and have fun creating simple, delicious, healthy food. Simone’s debut cookbook The Zenbelly Cookbook, will be on shelves in August 2014, and is available for preorder. (under the name Simone Miller).

Teriyaki Pineapple Shrimp Skewers

Sean and Suzanne

Sean Coonce & Suzanne Robertson are the creative minds behind the Paleo recipe & lifestyle blog, Pastured Kitchen. Sean initially began Paleo to treat his epilepsy & improve his health, finding a passion for changing one’s life with food. Suzanne found Paleo through Sean, while dealing with multiple food sensitivities, as well as recovering from multiple eating disorders. She finds rediscovering a healthy relationship with food one of the most important tools to a healthy lifestyle. You can stay connected with Suzanne & Sean on their blog, PasturedKitchen.com, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Cassy Garcia’s BBQ Slow-Cooker Baby Back Ribs

Cassy Garcia

Cassy Garcia is the recipe developer, photographer, and author behind the Paleo-friendly food and fitness blog Fed & Fit. She is on a mission to empower healthy lifestyle transformations through clear nutrition science and delicious foods. Cassy is the founder of National Gluten-Free Day, leads Real Food education sessions, implements and designs corporate wellness programs, and conducts Paleo cooking demonstrations. Connect with Cassy at FedandFit.com, Facebook, and Instagram.

Liz Wolfe’s Bacon Bowl

Liz Wolfe

Liz Wolfe is the author of Eat the Yolks, a book that dispels the many myths surrounding real, nourishing foods with a good dose of wit and nutritional wisdom. She is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP™) certified by the Nutritional Therapy Association, and she documents her adventures in cooking, natural skincare, and homesteading at RealFoodLiz.com.

Brittany Angell’s Paleo Pigs in a Blanket

Brittany Angell

Brittany Angell is the creator and chef behind BrittanyAngell.com, formerly known as Real Sustenance. Brittany has authored two best selling cookbooks: Essential Gluten Free Baking Guides Part 1 & 2. Her recipes are unique and creative, and free of soy, corn, egg, sugar, and grain. Brittany lives with her husband and pups in Rochester, NY. Connect with Brittany via her website BrittanyAngell.com, Facebook, and Instagram.

Louise Hendon’s Beef Wellington (Paleo, Gluten-Free, Grain-Free)

Beef Wellington
Louise gets most excited about creating FASTER and SIMPLER ways to cook and eat nutritious, gourmet food. As a former attorney and physicist, she understands how easy it is to run out of time and energy, even when you really want to eat better or lose weight. For that reason, AncestralChef.com focuses only on the most important changes to your diet and your life that will make the biggest difference for your health.

Meg Opel’s Balsamic Braised Pork Chops with Caramelized Onion & Apple Jam

Balsamic Pork Chops
Meg Opel is the author and chef behind the blog Peaches & Cake where she shares crowd-pleasing primal recipes and entertaining tips. Driven by the belief that inviting people into your home is the most intimate act of kindness, Meg started her blog to inspire others to host their own dinner parties. Meg's recipes are developed with a focus on feeding a crowd of both picky eaters and finer palates. Connect with Meg on her blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Arsy Vartanian’s Pan Fried Filet with Shallot Sauce

Pan Fried Filet with Shallot Sauce
Arsy Vartanian is the author and chef of the Paleo recipe & lifestyle blog, Rubies & Radishes and the best selling cookbook, The Paleo Slow Cooker. In an effort to achieve optimal health and wellness, she discovered Crossfit & the Paleo diet in 2008. Arsy started feeling better than ever and was eventually able to recover from health issues that she had struggled with for almost a decade. Equipped with this energy and knowledge, Arsy started her blog to motivate and inspire others to improve their health.

Currently, Arsy is working on her 2nd cookbook, The Paleo Foodie. When Arsy is not busy working or being a mom to her toddler, you can find her in her kitchen developing healthy recipes for her family and her blog readers. Connect with Arsy on Facebook & Instagram.

Amy Densmore’s Seasoned Bison Sirloin Steaks with Chimichurri Sauce

Seasoned Bison Sirloin Steaks with Chimichurri Sauce
As a full-time working mother of two, Amy Densmore likes to spend her free time in the kitchen, creating delicious and innovative new recipes which she then shares with like-minded people on her website, PaleoCupoard.com. The dishes she puts together are real-food focused and are inspired by cultures from all over the world, from Cajun Shrimp and Grits to Char Siu. Amy loves to challenge herself by creating versions of recipes that most may think are impossible to make using healthy ingredients. She can be found all hours of the night interacting with fellow foodies via her Paleo Cupboard Facebook and Instagram pages, while hunting for new content for her Paleo Cupboard Pinterest boards. Her mission is to prove that eating healthy doesn't have to be boring, and that it can be both both fun and delicious.

Michelle Tam’s Oven-braised Mexican Beef

Oven-braised Mexican Beef
Michelle Tam is the sardonic foodie and working mom behind Nom Nom Paleo, an award-winning food blog that receives over 1.5 million hits per month. Her daily posts are devoted to Paleo food porn, kitchen shortcuts, and recipes galore.

In 2012, Nom Nom Paleo won Saveur Magazine’s Best Food Blog Award in the Special Diets category, and Apartment Therapy & The Kitchn’s Homies Award for Best Food Photography on a Blog. Michelle also recently released the Nom Nom Paleo interactive cookbook app for the iPad®, which continues to be one of the App Store’s best-selling and top-grossing Food & Drink apps. Her cookbook, Nom Nom Paleo: Food For Humans will be published by Andrews McMeel in December 2013.

Michelle has a degree in Nutrition & Food Science from Berkeley, and a Doctorate in Pharmacy from the University of California at San Francisco. When she’s not blogging, Michelle chases her two small boys around Palo Alto, holds down a full-time night shift hospital job, cooks like a fiend, and lifts heavy(ish) stuff at her CrossFit box.

Brent Schrader and Heather Gerum’s Bison Roast

Bison Roast
Brent Schrader and Heather Gerum are the pair behind the website Virginia is for Hunter Gatherers, Since late 2011 they have been posting regular recipes and the occasional shenanigans that come with a real food lifestyle. They put their minds together to create a website of grain-, legume- and dairy-free recipes. What started as accountability measure for healthy eating has turned into a fulfilling hobby and they couldn’t be happier about it. Brent and Heather live just outside of DC with their dog, Mason.

Janis Smyth’s Pistachio Crusted Halibut with Blood Orange Sauce

Janis Smyth, the culinary talent behind the Real Food blog Jan’s Sushi Bar , was a popular food blogger long before she transformed her entire family’s diet. Suffering from chronic pain, fatigue, insomnia and arthritis for which a parade of doctors could find no cause, she began researching “healthy diets” in the Spring of 2010. So began a journey that started with a side of grass fed beef, a pastured hog, pastured chickens and eggs, sustainably caught fish and seafood, and locally grown, seasonal fruits and vegetables — and the end of the health problems that had been plaguing her for years. Her blog is now a celebration of the “slow food movement” and her family’s embracing of and participation in it. Indeed, as the mother and step-mother of a grown — and growing — family, she is living proof that your loved ones (including your children) can and will embrace a healthy diet and enjoy it.

Maria Sarris’ Mini Tender Tostadas

Marla Sarris is an avid blogger and author of the cookbook Pigskin Paleo. Aside from being creative in the kitchen and cooking up new Paleo meals for her and her husband Jeff, she also enjoys traveling, managing projects and shooting people in the face at Spyr Media and staying active with HIIT. Her latest cookbook, Los Paleo: Mexican Paleo Recipes , made its debut this month. For a taste of what’s inside, check out her recipes currently featured here on USWM. Later this month Marla is competing in the state competition for the Mrs. America pageant and hopes to use this platform to spread the message about Paleo and the importance of nutrition and properly sourced foods.

Jenni Hulet’s Kashmiri Lamb Lollipops

Jenni Hulet is the creative force behind the website, The Urban Poser. Her love of cooking, photography and yoga all come together to create a unique culture where beauty, fun and appreciation for every meal and every moment are the recipe for vibrant, healthy living. Her recipes are gluten, grain, soy, legume and refined sugar free. Jenni lives in Grapevine, Texas with her husband Ben and her two sons Oscar and Linus.

Joshua Weissman’s Bacon Wrapped Bison Tenderloin with Pecan Butter

Bison Tenderloin
Joshua Weissman is a 17 year old food lover with a passion for health. Joshua always loved food but his love for food led to an eventual weight gain. After years of ridicule and physical harassment he decided to change his life and lost over 100 pounds through healthy eating and exercise. Even after this, he kept his strong affinity for food and now runs the blog Slim Palate, a food blog where he posts his recipes and other recipes that he likes to make, along with fun stories and just general food talk. The idea behind Slim Palate is to spread the beauty and love behind food through sharing recipes while keeping it to a certain healthy extent and through the constant use of mostly whole foods. They almost always turn out healthy while also being at the same standard as a high quality and decadent meal.

Jessica and Jonathan’s Barbecue Spare Ribs with Cabbage Salad

Barbecue Spare Ribs with Cabbage Salad
The goal of BiteSized is to create a beautiful, single bite of food with a unique flavor. Our inspiration comes from our constant quest to share food by making each other the best, quintessential ‘bite’, and the combination of our love for cooking and photography. Over the years, BiteSized has also become a place for us to share our travels, our experiences together in New York, and our favorite, non-BiteSized recipes that we cook for friends and family at home. In allowing each of our innovative passions to meld, we hope to share a story of who we are as a creative team. Jessica is a cook and a writer. She works as a Sous Chef at Mas (La Grillade). In her spare time she loves to write and cook for her friends and family. Jonathan is a freelance photographer specializing in food, still life, and travel photography. You can see more of his work on his website: www.jonathanmeter.com.

Stephanie Brant Cornais’ Orange Beef Stew

Orange Beef Stew
Stephanie Brandt Cornais is the Founder and Creative Director of MamaAndBabyLove.com , once a brick and mortar yoga studio and eco-friendly boutique for new parents and now a thriving, real food, natural lifestyle and parenting website and online business. She cares deeply about nourishing and loving herself so that she can nourish and love her family and loves sharing helpful information with other mothers. She is the author of two books, From Your Freezer To Your Family, Slow Cooker Freezer Recipes and the Mama and Baby Love Guide to A Conscious Childbearing Year.

Erin Shriver’s Seared Lamb Steaks With Bone Marrow Mashed Potatoes and Maitake Mushroom Sauce

US Wellness Featured Chef Main
My name is Erin Shriver and I’m a Primal food blogger and owner of Primal Body bath and body products in Pittsburgh, PA. As a recovering vegan, I have adopted and embraced a Paleo lifestyle and began digging into alternative grain free cooking and baking methods for my blog, Real Food Renegade. With more than 10 years of professional experience formulating bath and body products I developed some Paleo/Primal friendly personal care products made with all natural organic butters, oils and of course grass fed beef tallow that really focuses on sustainable ingredients. The Primal Body store will be launched in December 2012 with a limited selection of “Cheeky Cow” grass fed tallow soaps, lotions and exfoliating body scrubs.

Stanley Fishman’s Herbed Holiday Prime Rib

Prime Rib
Stanley Fishman is a cookbook author and blogger who is an expert on cooking grassfed meat. Stanley uses traditional flavor combinations and cooking methods to make the cooking of grassfed meat easy, delicious, and tender. Stanley has written two cookbooks that make it easy to cook grassfed meat — Tender Grassfed Meat: Traditional Ways to Cook Healthy Meatand Tender Grassfed Barbecue: Traditional, Primal and Paleo. Both books are sold by U.S. Wellness Meats. Stanley blogs about real food and the cooking of grassfed meat at his blog Tendergrassfedmeat.com.

Juli Bauer’s Orange and Rosemary Pork Chops with Orange Infused Butternut Squash Pasta

Pork Chops
Juli Bauer is a CrossFitter and food blogger in Denver, CO. I’ve been CrossFitting for over two years and cooking paleo for over a year now. I love food. Like, I really REALLY love food. And I love to talk about food. So I started my blog (PaleOMG.com ), to make my friend’s lives easier with simple paleo recipes.I am also writing my first cookbook that will be filled with more of my stories and even more recipes that aren’t found on my blog. Come April, I will be able to share that cookbook with the world!

Tammy Credicott’s Balsamic Pork Chops
with Grilled Peaches

Pork Chops
Tammy Credicott is a recipe developer, part-time blogger and the author of Paleo Indulgences (release date: September 18th, 2012) and The Healthy Gluten-Free Life She and her husband owned a successful gluten-free, dairy-free, and egg-free bakery in Bend, Oregon, The Celiac Maniac, before they were inspired to transform their health further by switching to a Paleo lifestyle. Tammy has a passion for understanding health and wellness as it relates to nutrition and has used this knowledge to help her family overcome health issues such as celiac disease, ADD, night terrors and eczema.

Cindy Anschutz's Italian Herb Roasted Chicken

Cindy Anschutz converted to Paleo in 2010 when she was diagnosed with high cholesterol. As an Italian it was difficult at first to give up pasta and Italian bread but now she has taken her favorite family recipes and follows the Paleo diet using fresh herbs, vegetables and grass –fed meat and sustainably-caught seafood. Food in her home is filling and delicious but still has the Italian flair. Cindy and her husband Glenn are known for their dinner parties where planning and execution is a breeze serving Paleo hors d'oeurves, main dishes and the perfect ending for dessert to complete a great experience for everyone. Cindy is an early riser and starts off her day at Crossfit then to her local market to seek out the freshest ingredients and find inspirations to prepare delicious meals. You can find out more information on Cindy by visiting her website at www.CindysTable.com and her popular Facebook Page at Entertaining Paleo. Cindy lives in Marlborough, CT with her husband Glenn and dog Jake.

Danielle Walker’s Greek Gyro Burgers

Meet Danielle — mom, wife, and grain-free cook extraordinaire. She spends her free time creating recipes that are entirely grain-free, gluten-free, free of refined sugars, and generally low in lactose. Danielle was kind enough to share some of these tasty recipes with us. More information about Danielle can be found at Against All Grain.

Robin Shea’s Mustard and Herb
Crusted Leg of Lamb

Featured Chef Robin Shea is America’s favorite sister in the South, Robin Shea from Southern Fried Fitness. What is Southern Fried Fitness? Southern Fried Fitness is a great new program that introduces the 80/20 lifestyle; that is... making “Clean” healthy lifestyle choices 80% of the time while saving 20% for a guilt free Southern indulgence.

George Bryant’s Grilled Hanger Steak Two Ways

Grilled Hanger Steak
Featured Chef George Bryant,
of Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations, has been on active duty United States Marine Corp since 2002. Upon returning from Afghanistan last year, he decided to change his lifestyle and taught himself how to cook, eat Paleo, and started a website all in the same day. The Civilized Caveman is known for his tasty recipes and amazing food photography. In a short amount of time, he has gained a huge following and is an inspiration to all. He somehow managed to squeeze in some time to be this month’s featured chef, and created some delicious recipes perfect for grilling season.

Russ Crandall’s Honey and Citrus Glazed Ham

Featured Chef Russ Crandall,
otherwise known as The Domestic Man, converted to a Gluten-Free and Paleo lifestyle back in 2010 in an effort to take back his health. His incredible journey to recovery is an inspiration to all. With his newfound health, he has dedicated himself to creating authentic and traditional recipes for all to enjoy.

Stacy and Matt’s Licorice Sausage

Featured Chefs Stacy and Matt
Stacy and Matt of Paleo Parents, and their three sons Cole, Finian and Wesley, have been living the Paleo lifestyle since the spring of 2010. With documented Before & After success, they’re an inspiration and a solid example of the benefits of eating grass-fed meat! They’ve created some delicious and creative recipes for us this month—check ‘em out! You can find more of their Paleo family-friendly recipes in their cookbook, Eat Like A Dinosaur.

Diane Frampton’s Pork Stew with Salsa Verde

Featured Chef Diane Frampton
Diane Frampton is a full time working mother of two committed to living a Paleo Lifestyle. She is an avid Crossfitter who is committed to educating herself about nutrition and the science of metabolism. She spends her free time creating healthy Paleo friendly recipes to share—like the ones she created for USWM this month! She’s also the author of Eat Well Feel Good, a Paleo diet cookbook. Diane lives on the North Shore in Topsfield, MA with her husband and two daughters. More information about Diane and the Paleo lifestyle can be found on PracticalPaleoLiving.com.

Melissa “Melicious” Joulwan’s Crispy Spiced Chicken Livers

Featured Chef Melissa “Melicious” Joulwan
This month’s featured chef is Chefs Melissa “Melicious” Joulwan. Melissa is the author of the popular paleo recipe and lifestyle blog The Clothes Make The Girl and the cookbook Well Fed: Paleo Recipes For People Who Love To Eat. She CrossFits, practices yoga and meditation, eats paleo, and loves Prague, Jane Eyre, and lifting heavy things.

Nancy Mullis and James Mann’s Chicken, Leek and Mushroom Soup

Chicken, Leek and Mushroom Soup
Featured Chefs Nancy Mullis and James Mann
This month’s featured chefs are Chefs Nancy Mullis and James Mann. Happy Holidays from all of us at USWM! This month we have several recipes perfect for the cold month(s) ahead from Nancy and Jim of She Cooks He Cleans. A bonus: they pair each recipe with music, so your kitchen will be rockin’ the entire month of December! Enjoy!

Keith Armstrong’s Turkey Leg Roulade with Autumn Fruit Farce, Bacon, and Beet Vinaigrette

Turkey Roulade
Featured Chef Keith Armstrong
This month’s featured chef is Chef Keith Armstrong. You may recognize him from this video he’s somewhat of a USWM celebrity! When he’s not winning awards at the National Culinary Convention, Chef Armstrong can be found at the Greenwich Country Club, where he is the Executive Chef. This month he shares his favorite recipe with us—enjoy!

Peggy Emch’s Beef Carpaccio

Beef Carpaccio
Featured Chef Peggy Emch
This month’s Featured Chef is Peggy Emch of The Primal Parent. Peggy began her paleo journey in 2005 to combat some pretty serious health problems, and has never looked back. Not only is Peggy happy and healthy, she also raises her 6-year-old daughter on a paleo diet, too. Peggy created some spectacular recipes for us this month, so be sure to check ’em out!

Charles and Julie Mayfield’s
Rabbit Cacciatore

Rabbit Carr

Featured Chefs Charles and Julie Mayfield
The summer is nearing an end and the temperatures are starting to cool off. We have teamed up with our friends at Paleo Comfort Foods to bring you the perfect Autumn recipes!

Jen Cereghino’s Mini Steak Medallions

Featured Chef Jen Cereghino
The end of summer is near, but Jen Cereghino from CrossFit Oregon City and Jen’s Gone Paleo has crafted some delicious recipes for us that are the perfect excuse for dining alfresco. So keep procrastinating the back-to-school shopping, fire up the grill, and enjoy these last lazy days of summer.

Diane Sanfilippo’s
Garlic-Lime Marinated Flank Steak Tacos

Featured Chef Diane Sanfilippo
Grilling season is in full force and the temperatures are rising! Our July recipe page is dedicated to grilling and creating meals that will keep your guests coming back.

Sarah Fragoso's Smoky Roast

Smokey Roast
Featured Chef Sarah Fragoso
She somehow manages to juggle three boys (Coby, Jaden and Rowan), her husband John, training at Norcal Strength and Conditioning — http://everydaypaleo.com/

Primal Palate's Ribs, Skewers, and Filet

Primal Palate
Featured Chefs Hayley and Bill
A couple with a passion for health and wellness that presents itself in our cooking — http://www.primal-palate.com

Cider-Braised Pork Shoulder

Rachel Going
Featured Chef Rachel Going
Pastry Chef at Schroeder’s second restaurant, Banker’s Hill Bar and Restaurant — www.rachelgoing.com/

Meatballs & Sauce

Bernadette Kathryn
Featured Chef Bernadette Kathryn
certified lifestyle consultant in New York City - http://www.bkfitness.com

Brussels Sprouts Bacon Slaw Over Rise

Rachael Hutchings
Featured Chef Rachael Hutchings
author of the blog La Fuji Mama

Autumn Lamb Duo

Josh Galliano
Featured Chef Josh Galliano
Executive Chef at Monarch Restaurant & Wine Bar in St. Louis

Pan-Seared Delmonico Steak with Poblanos

Paul Zweben
Featured Chef Paul Zweben
Restaurateur, Real Estate Expert, Foodie

Grilled Cumin-Lime Pork Tenderloin

Katie Goodman
Featured Chef Katie Goodman
Freelance writer, chef, and blogger

Steaks with Three-Herb Oil

Alison Lewis
Featured Chef Alison Lewis
Food Educator, Nutritionist and President and Owner of Ingredients, Inc.

Grilled Martini Steak with a Twist

Vanni Steaks
Featured Chef Kristina Vanni
Cooking Show Host, Food Writer, Award-Winning Cook

Bison Burgers with crispy herb potatoes and arugula salad

Vanni Steaks
Featured Chef Ewa Ziolkowska
I think that grass-fed meat is different, because grass is what cud-chewing animals are really supposed to eat.

Ancho-Coffee Braised Short Ribs

Featured Chef Dan Whalen
Dan Whalen writes the popular food blog, The Food in My Beard, read by visitors from around the world.

Lamb Terrine with apricots and hazelnuts

Featured Chef Aaron LaMonica
Aaron LaMonica is the real deal. His cooking career began at age 14, when he got a job at a local pizza joint washing dishes and tossing pizza dough.

Lemon & thyme roast chicken with asparagus & chickpea salad

Lemon and Thyme Roast Chicken
Featured Chef Anna Helm
Anna Helm is a British food stylist and writer living in New York.

Spaghetti and Meatballs

Spaghetti Meatballs
Featured Chef Kamran Siddiqi
Recently emerged onto the national cooking stage when he launched his food-centric blog “The Sophisticated Gourmet” back in April.

Trio of Rabbit

Trio of Rabbit
Featured Chef Fritz Knipschildt
Knipschildt’s reputation as a chocolatier sometimes overshadows the name he has made for himself in “savory” cuisine.

Syrah Braised Short Ribs with Truffled White Corn Grits and Wild Mushrooms

Syrah Braised Short Ribs
Featured Chef Carl Schroeder
Market Restaurant, Executive Chef/Owner. Del Mar, CA

Rub Your Rib-Eye

Rub Your Rib-Eye
Featured Chef Al Rosas, Organic Chef
Chef Al Rosas has spent a lifetime perfecting his cooking. As a boy growing up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he learned to cook standing alongside his beloved grandmother, who was a native of Colombia.

Easy Coconut Flaxseed Salmon

Easy Coconut Flaxseed Salmon
Featured Chef Kath Younger
Kath Younger writes the popular healthy food blog, Kath Eats Real Food (KERF), read by nearly 10,000 visitors a day from around the world.

Grilled Thai Chicken Skewers

Grilled Thai Chicken Skewers
Home Chef Mindee Curtis
Winner of the “Easy Breezy Summer Recipe Contest”!

Not-Fast-Food Chicken Tenders

Not-Fast-Food Chicken Tenders
Home Chef Ronita Pitts
I got involved in cooking thanks to my dad. He was the cook of our family and I was always a daddy’s girl—it was an awesome way to spend time with him.

Steak Wraps with a Mediterranean Influence

Steak Wraps with a Mediterranean Influence
Home Chef Chet Coonrod
I come from a family of 4 boys, so there was never any “cooking is for girls” when I was growing up.

Beef Filet with Thyme Salmoriglio

Beef Filet with Thyme Salmoriglio
Home Chef Simon Kelly
My first year at university was spent living in a student house with six other guys and a fully-equipped kitchen.