U.S. Wellness Meats Cut Descriptions & Recipes

At U.S. Wellness Meats, we believe in providing our customers with the highest quality products and information. We want you to know which cut of beef, lamb, rabbit, pork, chicken or seafood will best suit your needs and how to best prepare and cook our grass-fed meats.

Below are descriptions of each cut of Grass-fed Lamb products. Clicking the “Find this item in our store” link under each cut photo will search our product database for packages containing that cut. You may also click a link above to view information on other meat products we offer.


Grass-fed Lamb

Leg Of Lamb

The perfect center piece for special occasions. Grassland leg of lamb has sold rapidly with a string of compliments from repeat customers asking for more.

Lamb Spare Ribs

Pull our your favorite lamb rib recipes and get started cooking US Wellness spare ribs. Ribs weigh an average of 20 ounces each.

Lamb Marrow Bone

Bundle of nutrient dense lamb marrow bones. Averaging 4 inches in length. Superb for soups.

Ground Lamb

Ground lamb from US Wellness Meats has been very popular since we introduced it last year and is now available in bulk. CLA levels of grass fed lamb are highly touted as lambs do an outstanding job of building CLA levels.

Lamb Kabob

Lamb kabobs are a special treat. Cubed and conveniently packaged, enjoy them with your favorite vegetables or in your favorite lamb recipe. Comes in 1 pound packages.

Leg Of Lamb Steak

Enjoy the great flavor of leg of lamb in 11 ounce portions via center cut leg of lamb steaks. Add leg of lamb steaks to bring zest to your grill!

Lamb Rib Chop

Grass fed lamb rib chops bone in are a great treat. They may be small in size but the flavor is a winner. 2 six ounce chops per package.

Lamb Loin Chop

Grass fed lamb loin chops bone in are a true delight. They may be small in size but the flavor is larger than life. 2 six ounce chops per package.

Lamb Tallow

After numerous requests, U.S. Wellness is pleased to announce lamb tallow shortening in handy 4.5 pound plastic pails.

Rack of Lamb Split

Try our truly exquisite split rack of lamb from grass fed Katadin sheep noted for their wonderful flavor. Fire up the grill and enjoy. Average weight is 1.5 lbs.

Lamb Shoulder Roast

Enjoy an exquisite US Wellness shoulder roast. These roasts have been a rapid seller with all of the grass fed health advantages rolled into the unique flavor of lamb. Average size is 4 pounds.

Lamb Liver

Enjoy grass fed lamb liver in very limited supply.

Lamb Tongue

Lamb tongues are now available 1 per 0.2 pound package. Supplies are short for this gourmet delicacy.

Lamb Heart

Rare lamb hearts for specialty customers.

Lamb Kidney

Rare lamb kidneys for specialty customers.