U.S. Wellness Meats Cut Descriptions & Recipes

At U.S. Wellness Meats, we believe in providing our customers with the highest quality products and information. We want you to know which cut of beef, lamb, rabbit, pork, chicken or seafood will best suit your needs and how to best prepare and cook our grass-fed meats.

Below are descriptions of each cut of Gourmet Rabbit products. Clicking the “Find this item in our store” link under each cut photo will search our product database for packages containing that cut. You may also click a link above to view information on other meat products we offer.


Gourmet Rabbit

Ready-to-cook Rabbit Portions

Gourmet rabbit has been portioned and ready for preparation. 2 front legs, 2 back legs, 2 tenderloins and giblet package are ready for your favorite recipe.

Remember, rabbit is the elite white meat due to a fatty acid profile that limits cholesterol levels.

Boneless Rabbit Striploin

Ready for a true gourmet delight? Serve up tasty boneless rabbit striploin, the elite white meat, to family and friends. Our Northern Michigan producer is an artist at producing a premium striploin for your enjoyment.

Studies by Louisiana State University demonstrate that rabbit meat contains the best ratio of lean to fat compared to other meat choices in the American diet.

Whole Rabbit with Giblets

We are most pleased to offer an award winning gourmet whole rabbit with giblets from Northern Michigan. This product recently was used in an award winning recipe in Food and Wine Magazine, July 2003 edition, featuring the top ten best young chefs in the USA as prepared by Tapawingo Restaurant in Ellsworth, MI. Tapawingo Restaurant is recognized as one of the finest restaurants in America at least 4 hours from a major U.S. city.

The rabbit should weigh approximately 2.85 pounds. Enjoy a gourmet rabbit meal, the elite white meat, and pass on a great recipe if the mood strikes.