Unseen Dangers of Microwave Ovens

Dr. Hertel was the first scientist to conceive and carry out a quality clinical study on the effects microwaved foods have on the blood and physiology of the human body. His small but well-controlled study showed the damage that microwaved foods produce in humans. The scientific conclusion showed that microwave cooking changed the nutrients in the food; and, changes took place in the participants' blood that caused deterioration in their health.

In the Swiss study, individuals ate microwaved food and the control group ate conventionally prepared foods. Blood samples were taken after meals and it was found that the group eating the microwaved food had significantly lower blood hemoglobin levels, as in anemia. This reaction to microwaved food became even more pronounced during the second month of the study. What is remarkable is that this was only an eight-week study. Consider what the results would be if this study had gone on for a year or more?

Findings of the Swiss study are summarized below:

  •  Blood hemoglobin (oxygen-carrying) levels decreased significantly after subjects ate microwaved foods, both total levels and the amount contained in each red blood cell, resulting in anemia.
  • White blood cell levels increased after consumption of the microwaved food. (An increase in white blood cell count is usually indicative of an infection.) Microwaves altered and mutated the protein molecules in the foods.
  • LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol) increased, and HDL cholesterol (the good cholesterol) decreased.

When the results of this Swiss study were made public, the scientists were actually sued by the Swiss Association of Dealers for Electro-apparatuses for Households and Industry, and one of the scientists was convicted of interfering with commerce. The fine was the equivalent of $65,000 in U.S. dollars.

Russian scientists also conducted studies on microwaves, shortly after World War II to the present. They found more damaging evidence that microwave use is harmful to humans.

Cooking meat in a microwave oven created:

  • d-Nitrosodiethanolamine (a well-known carcinogen).
  • Destabilization of active protein bio-molecular compounds.
  • Creation of a binding effect to radioactivity in the atmosphere.
  • Creation of cancer-causing agents within protein-hydrosylate compounds in milk and cereal grains. 
  • Carcinogenic free radicals formed within certain trace minerals in vegetables, especially in raw root vegetables.
  • Ingestion of microwaved foods raised the percentage of cancer cells in blood.
  • Malfunctions in the lymphatic system, resulting in degeneration of the immune system. 
  • People who ate microwaved foods had a statistically higher incidence of stomach and intestinal cancers, and a gradual breakdown of digestive and excretory system function.

Microwave exposure caused significant decreases in the nutritional value of all foods studied, particularly:

  • Decrease in the availability of B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E, essential minerals and fats.
  • Destruction of the nutritional value of proteins in meats.
  • Lowering of the metabolic activity of alkaloids, glucosides, galactosides and nitrilosides (all basic plant substances in fruits and vegetables)
  • Marked acceleration of structural disintegration in all foods.

As a result microwave ovens were banned in Russia in 1976; the ban was lifted only recently.

Consider another interesting study that was done with microwaved water and seeds. In this study, the water was heated by a microwave, cooled and then used to bring seeds to germination. The seeds that were in contact with the microwaved water would not even germinate! Clearly, something in the microwaving process altered or destroyed important elements in the water, rendering the water useless to seeds for nourishment in the germination process.

Parents of newborns are strongly warned against microwaving baby formula or breast milk as it destroys and alters the enzymes and protein in the milk. In 1991, a patient in a Tulsa, Oklahoma hospital actually died of anaphylaxis after receiving a blood transfusion that had been warmed in a microwave oven. Apparently the radiation from the microwaving had so altered the blood that the patient could not tolerate it.

Microwaving heats foods unevenly creating extremely hot spots and cool spots. Aside from the fact that bacteria and pathogens present in the food may not be heated enough to kill them sufficiently, the hot spots created in the foods can release carcinogens from plastic wrap or plastic containers. Substances such as di(ethylhexyl)adepate, or DEHA, (a carcinogen), and xenoestrogens (synthetic estrogens) leach into foods. In one recent study, it was found that carcinogens in plastic wrap were 10,000 times the FDA limit for safety. Xenoestrogens are linked to low sperm counts and feminization in men, and to breast cancer in women.

To be perfectly safe, it is best to totally avoid microwave ovens, but if going without sends you into a panic, here are some ways to help you lessen your dependence on microwaves:

  • Most fruits and vegetables are best eaten raw, sauteed quickly or lightly steamed to retain the most nutrients.
  • Heat water in a pan or teakettle instead of the microwave.
  • Plan ahead and defrost frozen foods in the refrigerator. 
  • If you must use a microwave, use only glass containers instead of plastic.

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