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Bordeaux Kitchen Chicken Liver Dip Recipe


This recipe was originally taught to me by my good friend Malika, who was the first person I met in line on the first day of my Bordeaux University wine course. We sat next to each other in the first row throughout the academic year, and she ended up being number in our class. Luckily, some of her smarts rubbed off on me, and I was able to pass the course, too! Malika was taking the wine course to be able to play a more central role in her family’s organic vineyard, Chateau Lescaneaut, in Castillon, a Bordeaux region next to St. Emilion, which produces fruity, bold merlot-based wines, a delicious accompaniment to the liver dip!


Author: Bordeaux Kitchen

Serves: 4

PrepTime: 5 minutes

Processing/ Cook Time: 15 minutes



  • 15 whole chicken livers (12 oz. or 350g)

  • 1 Tbsp. garlic, minced (or one spring onion or onion ailé, minced, ½ to 1 oz. or 15g-25g)

  • 3 pinches of sea salt

  • 2 tsp. mustard

  • 3 Tbsp red wine vinegar

  • ½ cup extra virgin olive oil

  • Sea salt and pepper to taste

  • Bacon fat, duck fat, or tallow for frying


  1. Heat a pan on medium-high to high heat.

  2. Melt bacon, duck fat, or tallow in pan.

  3. Add chicken livers, garlic (or spring onion) and salt.

  4. Allow the livers to stick a bit to pan, allowing the ingredients to caramelize a bit.

  5. Turn down the heat to medium, then stir every few minutes until the livers are cooked through (about 10-12 minutes).

  6. Remove the livers, allowing them to cool in a bowl for several minutes.

  7. Deglaze the pan with a ¼ water (this removes the sugars stuck to the pan), and add this liquid to the bowl of livers.

  8. Mix livers in a food processor, in batches if needed, adding the vinegar and olive oil, until you reach the desired consistency (takes usually less than a minute). To increase the liquid consistency of the sauce, add a bit more water and/or olive oil.

  9. Adjust taste by adding salt and pepper as needed.

  10. Serve still warm, cooled or at room temperature with romaine or endive leaves. Celery and carrot sticks, or homemade chips work, too! (I prefer eating the dip warmed.)