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Strongwoman Maureen Quinn - Year 2 The Journey Continues

Posted by US Wellness Meats on Wed, Dec 16, 2015 @ 06:42 AM

Dear John,

The Paleo-Primal-Price Foundation conference, was a great experience.  We enjoy representing US Wellness and spreading the word about the impact your product has had on my nutrition and training.  Recently I participated in my 2nd Strongest Female National Championships and qualified for the World Strongman Championships.  Here is an update of my journey.  Thanks for your continued support. 

Throughout history athleticism has been tested by the heaviest object a man could lift.  For the past 40 years this test has been globally televised in the format of “World’s Strongest Man” contests.  More recently a rapidly growing interest has developed for it’s more wild yet delicate counterpart, The World’s Strongest Female.

I stumbled into GrassFed Crossfit 2 years ago looking to change up my workout routine. My coach was impressed with the determination I brought to each workout and suggested I take training to the next level.  I was instructed to reverse every health and nutrition habit I had previously been taught.

We started with my diet which was mostly vegetarian. I learned about the importance of
grass fed meats and necessity of high fat consumption.  John introduced me to the pemmican bars, from US Wellness which became a staple in adhering to my new 70% Saturated Fat diet.

In the beginning I was lifting small weights but we increased every week until the point I was
picking up cars and tree logs. I entered my first Strongman competition shortly after and took
first place.  My victory qualified me for the National Championships. Still relatively new to the sport, I placed 6th in the featherweight division and was dumbfounded by the strength of my competitors.

strong woman tire pic

After a year of relentless training and a flawless nutrition regimen, courtesy of US Wellness,
I returned to the National Championships to once again face the females who demolished me in the last competition. There was an air of surprise to say the least as my name continually appeared toward the top of leaderboard after each event. At the end of day two I was dressed with the silver medal making me the second strongest featherweight female in the nation.

strong woman contest pic

The placing qualified me for the World Strongman Championships held March 3rd where I will
compete against the likes of Russian and Icelandic powerhouses. I will compete on the same
stage as Brian Shaw, the World’s Strongest Man. More so than my own success I am invigorated by the now equal prevalence of female representation in the sport.

I need to thank everyone who has supported me on my journey and most importantly US Wellness who has made this all possible. Be sure to check in frequently for updates on my journey to the World Championships at


Maureen Quinn

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