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Eat Huge Holiday Meals Without Accumulating Body Fat!

Posted by US Wellness Meats on Fri, Nov 22, 2013 @ 01:08 PM

By: Scott Mendelson, Infinity FitnessThanksgiving


One of your clients told me he has had great success with your cheat meal strategies to prevent body fat accumulation.  I am going to eat “Big Time” on Thanksgiving Day and that is not negotiable, however I am willing to exercise more on Thanksgiving Day so I can get away with more eating!  What can I do to prevent this big day of eating from increasing my belly fat?  



Yes, Dr. Serrano and I have developed several proven strategies for preventing body fat accumulation during big holiday meals.  These large meals can actually be beneficial for boosting metabolism and fat burning hormones when executed correctly.  Many women in particular, chronically eat too little and as a result metabolism becomes very sluggish.  Working with clients over the years I have found that including a large meal weekly or every other week very important for fat burning.

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Strip Load Training Fires up Metabolism

Your success will all start with firing up the metabolism and fat burning hormones with an intense weight training session 1-2 hours before the large meal.  The strip load training routine below is a metabolic game changer and creates the ideal metabolic environment for a large meal to follow.  Strip load training uses a strategic drop in load to allow for more high quality repetitions than normal workouts.  The conditions created allow the muscle bellies to open up and take in more nutrients from your big meal instead of spilling over into your fat cells! In some cases for advanced clients we may choose to weight train twice in one day with customized programming.

Avoid an In-law Clash!

Yes, a higher activity level on days when you plan to eat big makes perfect sense and hey, a trip to the gym can minimize conflicts with the visiting in laws!  Find tasks to do around the house to keep you on the move and out of the kitchen.

Eat Organic!

Organic protein choices have fewer fat storage properties even when consumed in large quantities vs. commercially raised animals.  Dietary fats within organic and grass fed animals are free of fat storage hormones such as estrogen, which are typically given to commercially raised animals to increase their body weight for higher auction prices.  So get an organic turkey or other wild bird to be featured on Thanksgiving.

Control Appetite with the Great Tasting Appetizers

Before the big sit-down meal use great appetizers that will help to control appetite.  Instead of crackers and bread rolls, use higher fiber vegetables with organic cheeses and dips.  Vegetable intake will help to fill you up more quickly and digest big meals properly.  Also consider organic beef snack sticks and other protein-based snacks as appetizers- they are always a big hit!

Keep the Desserts Under Control

Hey - it is Thanksgiving, there is no problem with having a piece of pumpkin pie, but be practical!  Overeating desserts will get you into trouble quickly.  So limit dessert to one or two choices so you do not set yourself up for a belly ache!  Fruit makes for a great dessert choice as it is very filling due to the dietary fiber content

Get Rid of the Bad Food Choice Leftovers

It is important to get back to optimal nutrition habits the day following Thanksgiving or any holiday for that matter.  Get the high sugar desserts and other high carbohydrate leftovers out of the house!  If they are not there, you will not eat them!  Otherwise, you can find yourself eating poorly for an entire week or more and before you know it Christmas arrives with another week of bad food choices.  As a result, a couple weeks of poor food choices will pack on body fat quickly!  

Strip Load Training

  Exercise Sets Reps Tempo Rest
A1 45-Deg Incline Press 3 5-6 3-2-1-0 20
A2 45-Deg Incline Semi-Neutral Grip Press 3 7-8 3-2-1-0 75
B1 Neutral Grip Pull Up/Pull Down 3 5-6 3-1-1-2 20
B2 Chin Up/Chin Grip Pull Down 3 7-8 3-1-1-2 75
C1 Chest Supported OH Row 2-3 5-6 3-1-1-2 20
C2 Chest Supported UH Row 2-3 7-8 3-1-1-2 75
D1 Prone DB Front Raises 2 8-10 3-1-1-2 20
C2 30-Deg Incline Rotation Fly 2 8-10 3-2-1-2 45

See exercise video clips here

Complete two warm up sets of each exercise before performing the work sets to ensure you have identified the proper challenging load while practicing proper execution.

Following the 5-6 reps of exercise A1- reduce the load 15-20% and immediately (within 20 seconds ideally) perform exercise A2, rest 75 seconds and repeat the A series a total of three times before moving on to the B Series.  Emphasize proper exercise form, tempos and sticking to the short rest periods to earn the greatest fat burning impact from your training session.


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