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13th Annual Weston A. Price Conference

Posted by US Wellness Meats on Tue, Nov 20, 2012 @ 11:10 AM

Another successful Weston A. Price Conference is in the books. We had a great time in beautiful Santa Clara, CA. Thank you to all who stopped by our booth to meet us, learn about US Wellness Meats, pick up some samples, and purchase some of our grass-fed selections.

 Why we love the WAPF Conference:

 image- We get to meet the customers we talk to on a daily basis, and also introduce US Wellness Meats to those who haven't heard of us! Being an online company, our only interaction with our customers is over the phone. It’s always a pleasure meeting everyone at the conference. Some faces we recognize from past years and some are new. We are so appreciative of everyone’s support and patronage throughout the years. We wouldn’t be where we are today without our loyal customers.

- We get to see our blogger and wholesale friends! Thank you to all of our Price and Paleo friends who stopped by our booth. This year there were a few new faces. We were so pleased to meet Stan Fishman, author of Tender Grassfed Meat and Tender Grassfed Barbecue. Stan is also our November featured chef. We also saw some familiar faces: Hayley and Bill from Food Lovers Primal Palate, Michelle from Nom Nom Paleo, Diane from Balanced Bites, Laura from Ancestralize Me, Caitlin from Grass Fed Girl, and many more. Some of our wholesale customers stopped by to say hello as well. Thank you to Dr. Roger Trubey from The Old Country Store and our friends from It was also great to see Chaffin Family Orchards and our Vital Choice family. We enjoyed talking to each and every one of you.

- We get to provide samples of some of our grass-fed, nutrient-dense products! Every year we take a variety of products for sampling, this year was no different. We distributed samples of some of our best selling snack selections: beef snack sticks, jerky, and pemmican. We also sampled some nutrient-dense organ meats that are favorites at every conference we attend: beef liverwurst, braunschweiger, and head cheese


Thanks again to everyone who stopped by to see us. What a wonderful gathering of like-minded people interested in food, nutrition, behavior and health. We are already looking forward to seeing everyone again next year in Atlanta for the 14th Annual Weston A. Price Conference.

What products would you like to see us sampling next year? Leave us a comment and you could win a prize package that includes some of our WAPF favorites. 

Prize Package (valued at $115):

- Liverwurst    

- Head Cheese            

- Braunschweiger                    

- Chicken Braunschweiger      

- Sugar-Free Beef Franks        

- Beef Snack Sticks

- Plain and Spicy Beef Jerky

- Honey/Cherry Free Pemmican Pail

Winner will be randomly selected and announced on Monday, November 26th. Thank you for your participation! 

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