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Go Green!

We have compiled a short list of helpful and handy recycling ideas for any extra styrofoam coolers you may have. Here are a few of our suggestions:

1) Do you have kids or grandkids? What about using the chest like fake snowblocks and building an igloo playhouse by using glue to attach them together in the right shape. 

MH900293224 resized 6002) You can use the coolers to store holiday decorations.

3) The Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts in your area might be interested in some of them to use on camping trips as individual lunchbox coolers. Daycares or kindergarten classes might also be interested in them for dramatic play centers, props, etc.

4)You could also use them as forms for hypertufa planters. Hypertufa is just a large word for fake rock looking cement. If you Google it, there are many recipes out there and succulents LOVE to grow in this stuff.

5) Do you have outdoor pets? Styrofoam coolers make great houses for your cats in the cold winter months. Simply line with hay and they'll have the purrr-fect new home.

6) Do you enjoy fishing? Coolers can make excellent containers to keep your bait in for fishing. Night crawlers are lively and happy in coolers among some bedding and old leaves. The bedding can also be purchased.  Some people even collect and sell the earthworms that are stored in the coolers.

7) You might contact your local Meals on Wheels and see if they could use them.

8) Make your own shipping pellets to ship some fragile things.

If none of these suggestions would work for you, here is a list of styrofoam recyclers in your area. Unfortunately, the carbon footprint for picking up a single cooler and mailing it to our rural Missouri office usually outweighs any environmental benefit- especially since the coolers are often damaged during transit. Still, if this is your best option, you may mail the cooler to our PO Box (postal service) or physical street address (FedEX/UPS) listed below:

US Wellness Meats

PO Box 9 / 204 E Lafayette

Monticello, MO 63457