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Healthy Eating and Working Out While Traveling

 exercise, workout, crossfitHi, this is Carine from The Traveling WOD and I am super excited to share with you some tips that we have concerning how to eat well and stay fit while on the road. Peak travel time is upon us!

We work so hard to maintain our health while at home-eating thoughtfully, exercising often and intensely; So why is it that many times as soon as we are on vacation everything is thrown out the door? Out goes the fruit and vegetables and in sneak the carb-laden cheese-covered fries with a large milkshake chaser. And the gym? What is that?!

Granted, it is hard to be at the mercy of someone else’s refrigerator or stuck to the local restaurant chains while away. We have all been there- it is so nice to eat out and not have to worry about cooking or dish duty, but then after a while we long for a home cooked meal. Our body subtly (or sometimes not so) lets us know that it doesn’t appreciate the change. Headaches or tummy aches, poor sleep and fatigue all start to rear their ugly heads.

So how can we eat well and maintain our exercise inertia while traveling? How can we ensure that we have the energy and stamina to make it through another day at the mega fun park?

Here are some things that we found work well while away:

SNACK ATTACK:  Always make sure you have something good for you and delicious on hand so that when your stomach starts to rumble, or you feel low on energy, you have a go-to option rather than the convenience store. Just because you are snacking doesn’t mean it needs to be junk- far from it! U.S. Wellness Meats have a great selection of snacks that you can chow down on in good conscience.

Good options include:         

Remember that this type of fuel also works perfect for the kiddos. Children usually get cranky when they start to wane on energy so keep their little bodies filled with quality.  

HYDRATION: Yes we all know we should drink water, but are you getting enough? Really? Don’t reach for a soda, sports drink or coffee- drink WATER. Plain and pure. Especially if you are flying or are outside a lot in an environment which you aren’t used to on a daily basis (such as heat or high altitude). Aim for 1 cup per hour minimum. If your urine output isn’t clear then drink more until it is and keep it there. 

EXERCISE: Don’t stop your routine just because you are away from home. You can have a fantastic workout without any equipment whatsoever. No gym? No excuses! Body-weight exercises can give you a run for your money and are easy to do anywhere. They enable you to accomplish a lot of work in a minimum amount of time and there is an infinite variety to keep your muscles and mind challenged. 
Kids need exercise too, so if you are traveling with children then make sure to include some kind of activity that they can do to burn off some energy- whether it be a stop at a park, dip in the hotel pool or even just something you make up, like one- legged races at the rest stop! The more they move the better they will rest.

JUST SAY NO: Just because it is on the buffet bar, or the air steward offers it does not mean it needs to go into your body. Whether you are a Paleo, Primal, Atkins, Zone, Raw or whatever else eater make sure you try to maintain your dietary norms.  I know that we all want to enjoy ourselves and have a treat while on vacation, and by all means do so, but diverting too far from your routine will just leave you feeling overly full, sluggish and generally blah.  You won’t feel good on the beach when you are bloated because you overdid it.


FORETHOUGHT: Just a little planning in advance can make a huge difference. So often we look at the destination and forget about the journey there. We focus on our to-do list of attractions and our food and exercise falls by the wayside. 

Some things to think about:

What is the food like where you are going (especially if you are going overseas)? Does the airport/train/bus/road have decent food options?
Are healthy snacks easily available or should you bring them with you?
Is there a hotel gym you can take advantage of?
Are there safe running routes nearby or a local gym you can hop into for the day (and if so do you need to contact them prior)?

And after all that planning? Go out there and have fun and feel good that you are doing the best for yourself and your family.

Safe and Healthy Journeys!

For more info from The Traveling WOD, check out their blog, or find them on Facebook!

The Competition Begins

The competition has begun!  Click here to read about the weeks leading up to the competition.

The Affiliate Cup competition kicked off today with a horrible workout of 2 rounds of:
70 155/105# thrusters
50 chest to bar pull-ups
180 meter firemans carry

We went with our smallest and biggest athletes.  The firemans carry went better then expected but the 140 thrusters probably did us in. We were in 55th out of 69 team after the first workout.
flatirons crossfit, carry
Workout two was a two part workout with 1 minute efforts of 265/175# deadlifts, alternating one legged squats, and rowing followed by max effort overhead lift.  Six athletes totaled 1100# overhead in six minutes.  Tim put up one of the bigger lifts of the day with 275# and only had about 30 seconds to load the bar and get it overhead.  Our effort was good enough to move us up 15 places and make the cut to come back and compete on Saturday. It will be interesting to see what tomorrows workouts will be.

The competition continues...

The Gamcrossfites are over. Six months of anticipation and training came to a head last Sunday as Graham Holmberg and Kristen Clever captured the individual men and women’s title. CrossFit Fort Vancouver won the Affiliate Cup.

Flatirons CrossFit finished 43rd out of 69 teams.  Honestly not what we hoped for but that’s the way it goes. The workouts didn’t suit us and we didn’t execute them quite the way we should have. Someone once told me “You learn more when you lose then when you win”.  This years Games were a great learning experience and very motivating.  Everyone on the team was inspired by the athletes there to train harder and to try to improve and come back stronger next year.  There are still several competitio

ns still to come in the second half of the year.  Up next for our athletes is the Colorado Open which is basically the Colorado CrossFit Games.  This will be the third year for the Open and it has become good test to find the fittest athletes in Colorado.












Good luck next year!


Training with the Competition

weight lifter, crossfitWe continue to follow Team Flatirons CrossFit through their journey to the 2010 CrossFit Games.  Click here to meet the team and check out previous weeks.  This week, they train with the competition.

In any sport, training harder and pushing the envelope is how you get better and prepare for competition.  CrossFit is a sport.  Our workouts are competitive events.  Athletes at Flatirons Crossfit constantly push each other through that competition to get better, be stronger, and go harder. We constantly challenge each other in the workouts.  In preparation for the CrossFit Games we took that to the next level last weekend when Front Range CrossFit invited us and several other CrossFit affiliates that also qualified for the games to come down for a couple workouts.

The workout
4 person team (2 men, 2 women)
Row eight 500 meter sprints (2 per athlete)
50 muscle ups
50 squat cleans 185/115#
50 Handstand push-ups

Each athlete had to row two 500 meter sprints.  The rest of the reps could be done in any order.

There is a lot of strategy and communication that goes into these team workouts.  Team members must communicate with each other as the complete their reps or exercises in order to minimize transition time.  Pick the best two men and women for the workout is an even tough task.  Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses and maximizing them for the workout can be tough. In this workout we chose Tim, Sid, Elizabeth, and Rosanne.

Sid is a whiz at muscle ups and despite his size is a good at heavy squat cleans.  Elizabeth is strong and is good at handstand push ups and rowing. Tim rows well and is a good O-lifter.  Rosanne is a good at handstand push ups and lifts well but she is not a very good rower.  Karen would have been a much better choice for this workout.  Training as a team like this allows us to see who really has what strengths and weaknesses and plan good strategies for the workout. It’s better to make the mistake now then at the Games.  After that workout we divided in to teams of men vs. women and did some tire flipping races to finish of the day.

Check out the entries from previous weeks.


Flatirons CrossFit Week 4 Countdown

We're following Team Flatirons CrossFit through their journey to the 2010 CrossFit Games.  If you missed last week, click here.

crossfit deadlifts

This has been a tough week for a couple of our athletes.  Two of our team members have had to withdraw from the competition because of injury. We have been training for the CrossFit Games since at least January and a lot of work goes into that effort.  It is almost heartbreaking to have to give that up but injuries happen. They are a part of any sport but it’s always tough to have to face the reality that you can’t continue.
Lucinda, whose performance at Regionals was major contributing factor to qualifying, has been managing spondylolisthesis since she was a teenager and needs to take some time off from training and will not be ready for the Games. Elizabeth Lazansky has put aside her fear of flying and is going to make the trip in her place.  Elizabeth is probably the strongest woman at Flatirons CrossFit. Her strength is going to be valuable asset to the team.  Elizabeth is a fire fighter in Ft. Collins, Colorado and was a sponsored rock climber.  She also has a background in gymnastics.
Steve tore his biceps tendon in a freak accident will be having surgery and is out of commission training for the next few months.  He will be filling in as the team’s coach and cook while we are at the Games.  Steve is a big fan of the Paleo Diet and Primal eating. His cooking skills are legendary at Flatirons CrossFit and he has a blog dedicated to Paleo friendly recipes.  We are going to eat well at the Games.  Sean Turner is going to take Steve’s place. Sean has the good fortune of going through the Navy Seals Hell Week TWICE!  His toughness will serve the team well during competition.

For the last week we have been focusing a lot on Olympic lifting. (clean and jerk and snatch).  Nothing is better for developing speed and power then the Olympic lifts.  They are also the most efficient way to move large weights long distances quickly.  The Olympic lifts are a cornerstone of the programming at Flatirons CrossFit.  We use the lifts in two ways.  We do traditional heavy lifting workouts with them were athletes perform low rep sets using 80%  plus of their max.  We also use them at much lighter weights done at higher reps in our metabolic workouts. Both methods contribute to increasing strength and work capacity.

Here is what has released about the games so far:
• The first event will be Friday morning
• There will be multiple events throughout the weekend
• There will be at least one event each of the three days
• Teams must be comprised of three men and three women
• Some events will be two men and two women competing
• Some events may assign different numbers and/or combinations of athletes
• There will be some cuts throughout the weekend
• The final event will be Sunday around mid-day
• All necessary equipment will be provided
• If jump roping is involved, you will be allowed to use your own ropes
• Specialized footware is not needed but not prohibited
• Team-oriented clothing is encouraged and highly recommended for easy identification of team and team members during events


CrossFit Games

This year, the CrossFit Games will be held July 16 - 18th, in Carson, CA.  For the next month we'll be following Team Flatirons CrossFit, in Boulder, Colorado, as they prepare for The Games.  In the past three years, the CrossFit Games have grown from a local contest into a global phenomenon.  The 2007 games had 50 athletes participating, in 2008 that number grew to nearly 300 with 800 fans and spectators, the 2009 games increased to 750 athletes with over 4,000 fans and spectators.  The 4th Annual CrossFit Games will bring thousands of spectators from all over the world.  Here's a word from Team Flatirons CrossFit:
flatirons crossfit

Every year, CrossFit gyms around the world start to focus on the CrossFit Games as athletes train to try and qualify through sectional and regional competitions for a chance to compete in the World Games. The CrossFit Games have become known as the "Woodstock of Fitness." For 2½ days, the fittest people on Earth will converge on The Home Depot Center in Los Angeles, CA to be a part of the most work-intensive competition ever developed, Based in Boulder, Colorado, Flatirons CrossFit, has a team competing in the games for the second year in a row. This year we placed 6th at the North Central Region Qualifier to earn our spot. The team consists of three men and three women. We have three returning athletes from last year and three talented new athletes joining the team this year.

The CrossFit Games are four weeks away and while our athletes have been training and competing since The Games last year to prepare, the question still presents itself…?  How do you prepare for the unknown?  This is the premise for the CrossFit Games. To test an athlete’s ability to be prepared for whatever physical task they may need to accomplish.  No one knows what the workouts will be.  So how do you train for the unknown?

At Flatirons CrossFit our CrossFit Games athletes have been on a steady program of heavy lifting and short metabolic workouts. For lifting we focus on squats and dead lifts for pure strength building and the clean and jerk and snatch for explosive speed and power.  For metabolic conditioning we have been cycling through short heavy sprint workouts 4-6 minutes and slightly longer 8-12 minute workouts using compound weightlifting movements, sprinting and gymnastic movements (pull-up, push-ups, muscle-ups etc.) and kettlebells.  We have just started doing multiple workouts in a day with varying rest periods to help build recovery.  While we don’t know what the workouts at the Games will be, we do know that we will be doing multiple workouts in a day.

The other side to training is nutrition, and it may be the most important.  It is no coincidence that all the athletes competing at the Games and the top athletes at Flatirons CrossFit have the best diets. Eating quality foods such as grass-fed beef and organic vegetables and fruit contribute directly to performance gains in both strength and metabolic conditioning.  We’ve proven it.  All athletes at Flatirons CrossFit are encouraged and even manipulated into eating a diet that is high in protein and saturated fat and low in carbs. No sugar, starch or processed foods. The Games athletes have been paying particular attention to their protein and fat intake and increasing the amount they eat to deal with the added workload of training for the Games.

Meet Team Flatirons CrossFit




Man + Grass Fed Meat = Amazing Strength and Lean Muscle

lean muscle

Hi, I'm Nick Best, Professional Strongman.  I understand the importance of quality food as a former world champion powerlifter, a collegiate football player and now while pursuing the Worlds Strongest Man title.  

US Wellness Meats fuels my body to perform at maximum potentional in addition to helping replenish my muscles after a long workout.  Grass fed beef and its components help decrease my workout recovery time along with my body fat.   

I eat grass fed beef every night for dinner and eat the leftovers for lunch the next day.  My HDL levels are high, my LDL levels are low and my body feels great!  I swear, this beef has anti-aging properties!  Eating US Wellness Meats gives me the edge to beat twenty year olds and my 41st birthday is right around the corner!  

Thanks John and the US Wellness Meats family!!  

Nick Best

In the picture above, Nick took 4th at the 2008 Nationals.  For more information, check out Marunde Muscle.

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